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Stained Glass - Every other year, beginning in 2009, the middle school students at EAC Montessori, worked under Marjorie's direction to construct windows for the school tower.  Three windows were completed by the students and the fourth was constructed by school staff and parents in the summer of 2015.  Parents, teachers and students assisted with the tower installation, led by Tony Serviente of Serviente Glass in Ithaca.  The tower project is now complete.


Smoke Fired Ceramics - One keen interest is the pottery technique of Pre-Columbians and Southwestern Native Americans.  Exploration of  smoke firing by smothering pottery in sawdust or other organic substances is ongoing with both student and personal work.

Bebe Hoffman Memorial Garden - In 2008, Marjorie established a garden in memory of her mother. It is located at Temple Beth-El, on Court and Tioga Streets, in downtown Ithaca.  In 2010, it received an award from the Ithaca Garden Club for enriching the downtown community.  The garden is maintained as a labor of love.  Marjorie was president of Temple Beth-El from 2010 through 2013.

Silk-Painted Prayer Shawls (Tallises) -  Work with students as they prepare to become Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah.  Techniques of silk-painting are taught and equipment is provided.

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