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Kitchen Backsplash Mural - These homeowners wanted to brighten up their kitchen and protect the long wall behind their counter top and sink. I presented a number of design ideas and color choices. The chosen landscape motif was hand painted onto six inch ceramic tiles using low fire glazes.

Painted Botanical Wall TilesIn preparation for a kitchen wall installation, I have been painting fruits and vegetables onto 6 inch tiles using ceramic glazes. Scroll through to see all the images.

Glazed Ceramic Tile Runner for Kitchen Installation

Installed Tiles

Lime green glazed tiles help to highlight the fruit and vegetable  paintings and the black granite counter tops.

Enjoy the slide show!


Tile Backsplash for Stove - This painting, done with glazes on ceramic tiles, was inspired by some of my mosaic compostiions of tropical plants in a forest. I love the plant shapes.

Stained Glass Entryway Windows -

Designed for the homeowners using a graceful, Asian plant theme.

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